Dictionary Definition:

grace period is a set amount of time after the due date during which a payment can be received by the creditor without penalty.

B. Agency Definition: Grace Period

B. Agency defines grace periods as time BEFORE the next pursuit. B. Agency encourages its clients to plan in the grace period space in order to prepare for progression.

Is your business in a state of transition? Are you Board of Directors asking for more? What’s the swelling interest among your staff? How are you responding to audience demands and planning for future expectations?

We believe giving grace in these pivotal moments is the first step in writing the narrative of your future. Take a grace period. Study your past in order to inform your future. Be present. And tell your story today.

We promise your vision for the future will be discovered if you spend time planning in your grace period.

At B. Agency, we guide our clients through these grace periods with, you guessed it, grace. We offer facilitated individual and group visioning sessions. And the final deliverable is often in the form of a visual story to share with your important stakeholders.

You have a vision, but you haven’t quite put words around it yet. Let B. Agency help find clarity in a way that will allow your business stakeholders to understand your vision.

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