Beth A. Manwaring
Communications Thought Partner

Turns out, it truly is about the journey and not the destination.

And that’s exactly where I’ve found my strength. I love to be problem solver. I love to be a think-tank of ideas. I love to be dreamy, in a strategic way. I believe in practical solutions, in sensible and intentional design, crazy ideas and collaboration among people. I believe that every person, every organization, is constantly in a state of transformation.

And I believe that the most powerful, pivot-worthy moments present themselves in the most obscure forms — business complacency, tumultuous people problems, or aging infrastructure. The strengths I bring to B. Agency lay in moments of obscurity and in the necessary planning to find clarity. 

Progress doesn’t happen without a plan. We (our people and our business) need these moments in order to grow into our future.

I look forward to being your thought partner in your pursuit of mission-based philanthropy and social enterprise.